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Polynesian Meatballs

Some of the best recipes happen by chance. An ingredient needs to be used up, so a recipe is found or created to utilize it. Or, everything needed for a recipe isn’t available, so creativity happens at the last second. Many times, those recipes end up being great!

With a package of ground pork in my refrigerator waiting to be used, I looked around for something to do with it. I rarely buy ground pork, but I had purchased it in anticipation of making some delicious, slow-cooked meatballs and tomato sauce last Saturday. Alas, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine threw a wrench into my plans and cooking meatballs fell by the wayside.

So, there I was on a week night needing a way to use up that pork. Something quick. Something tasty. Something different. Thank goodness for the Internet, huh? However did we survive without the Web?

These meatballs are easy to make and very yummy. My boys love sweet foods so it was right up their alley. The ingredients are things I tend to have in the pantry, so it was a perfect choice.

Ostensibly, this recipe serves 4, but my boyfriend is a big eater and we also tend to be one-pot diners, so we really only got about 2-3 servings out of it. But I think if you served this with some sides, it would easily serve 4. I also think next time I’d add some veggies. The sauce is thick and sticks well, so it would be easy to throw some simple steamed or roasted veggies in there and cover them in that sweet stickiness for a more varied dish.