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Buche de Noel – Two Ways

I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t make this month’s cake for the Cake Slice group.  Between craziness at work (plus everyone getting ready to leave for holiday vacation), monthly staff meeting, doctor appointments AND being informed that our Christmas celebration was going to be early (this past Sunday) due to family members traveling on Christmas day, well…. the cake just about got ditched. I guess a complicated, time-consuming recipe really isn’t the best choice to schedule for a week before Christmas.

But I really wanted to make it, so I decided to set aside the Saturday before and bring the cake for our Christmas dessert.

Contrary to what many people say, I found this cake to be pretty easy to make.  Time-consuming, definitely.  But hard?  Not so much.  As long as you give yourself plenty of time to make all of the components at your leisure, you can make this cake, with all of its accoutrements, without stress.  Many of the components can even be made days in advance

I’m not going to give you the recipe this time, because really, you should just go buy this book.  It’s worth it!  And it’s a really long recipe, not to mention that all the extras (meringue mushrooms, chocolate leaves, praline paste, etc.) have their own separate recipes.

Instead, I’m just going to share my learnings with you.  Then, when you go to make one, you’ll breeze right through it.  And you *should* make one.  It’s fun!  It’s festive!  And it just tastes darn good.  Everyone at our Christmas dinner was very impressed with these cakes and all agreed that it was just as delicious as beautiful.


I couldn’t decide how I wanted to decorate this buche de noel, and the cake makes one very long roll.  So I just cut it in half and did it both ways.  It was fun to try to make it look as professional as possible (obviously I have a long ways to go, but it was fun anyway).

So, take it from me – next time you want to wow your in-laws, put together a buche de noel.  They’ll think you’re ahh-mazing!


Apple Cake with Maple Frosting

My boyfriend, as I may have mentioned before, loves him some sweets. Particularly baked goods – cookies, cakes, brownies – that sort of thing. He’ll eat a piece of cheesecake or occasionally a bowl of ice cream, but they aren’t his favorite. No, it’s all about baking for him.

Cake Slice BakersI’ve baked lots and lots of cookies and bars, but for whatever reason, just haven’t collected a lot of good cake recipes. In an attempt to change that, I joined the Cake Slice Bakers! The Cake Slice group chooses one book to cook through the year, votes on a recipe each month, and everyone bakes and reveals their post on the same day (the 20th of each month).

Today’s the day for my first Cake Slice cake!

This year’s book is The Cake Book by Tish Boyle. This is a beautiful book, filled to the brim with delicious cake recipes – everything from simple, homestyle cakes to decadent layer cakes. I’m really glad that I had the excuse of this blogging event to buy it. I’m going to enjoy trying out these recipes over the next year! And let me just say that my boyfriend is pretty happy about it, too.

The recipe for October is Apple Cake with Maple Frosting. This is a rustic, homestyle cake filled with chunks of apple, lovely fall spices and bits of crunchy walnuts. We usually prefer to leave nuts out of baked recipes at my house, but I’m really glad we left them in this time. Those little bits of crunch – not too much, just enough – are perfect in this cake. A square of this cake has been a delicious way to end our meals all this week.

I was unable to find any maple flavoring for the frosting, so just substituted some maple syrup. Of course, that’s not nearly concentrated enough, so our frosting isn’t very maple-y, but it’s delicious nonetheless.  I also used Honeycrisp apples instead of Granny Smith, since that’s what the store had available, and they worked out great.  This recipe, including the frosting, is easy to make and can stand up to a little tinkering, but is perfectly delicious, as written.  This was a very easy cake to make.

The Apple Cake with Maple Frosting is a winner at my house!


Be sure to check back next month to see the next Cake Slice recipe!