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Pantry Raid: Nachos

What do you do when you want something quick and easy, there’s not much in the house, and you don’t want to go out?

Pantry Raid!!

As a general rule, I am a proponent of fresh foods in favor of packaged and canned. But sometimes, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I think even the snobbiest foodie sneaks into the closet for some Oreos or Doritos occasionally, even if they deny it.

Next time you feel the need, make these savory, salty, slightly spicy nachos using things you probably already have in your pantry, ready in about 15 minutes.


Shrimp Tostadas

Don’t let this seemingly long list of ingredients intimidate you. Most of it is spices that go into the shrimp marinade. Really, it’s a pretty simple meal to make. Easy enough for weeknight dinner yet with enough wow factor to serve to guests.

Although my picture shows it with lettuce on the bottom, guacamole on top of that, then shrimp, I would recommend putting the guacamole and sour cream (do use some sour cream, that little tang really adds a lot) on the bottom, then the lettuce, then the shrimp. It’s tough to spread guacamole on top of shredded lettuce. Also, the only downside we experienced was that our shrimp wanted to leap off the tostada every so often. Smaller shrimp might minimize this, not sure. In any case, it certainly wasn’t enough of a problem to keep us from polishing them all off with a big “Yum!” at the end!


Oven Fried Chicken Chimichangas

I have a confession to make. Some nights, I’m too tired to really cook. Some nights, I just don’t want to. I’m sorry! I WANT to be that person who makes everything from scratch every single night, I do! But sometimes, I’m just not. That pesky day job (and the second job, the kid, the pets, the man, the house, sometimes pure laziness….) just really gets in the way.

The problem is, on those nights, I still don’t really want to get fast food or order in, either. What’s a girl to do? Well, I try to keep a few basics on hand for nights like those.

One of the things I keep on hand are some frozen, mesquite grilled chicken breasts. They can be quickly defrosted in the microwave and used in an easy recipe or, on a really lazy night, just warmed up and slapped between some bread for a decent warm sandwich. I also like them for recipes that call for “cooked chicken,” which unfortunately, usually means “canned chicken.” While canned chicken is fine for some things, it is pretty bland, kind of mushy and all canned things tends to have too much sodium.

Thanks to Sam’s Club, these frozen chicken breasts take cooked chicken a step up. They are mesquite grilled, so have some decent flavor, are white meat, so pretty healthy and do not have loads of added sodium. And they are perfect for lazy nights.

This is one of our favorite quick, lazy-night recipes. It’s very easy, quick to throw together, hearty, filling, tasty and fairly healthy. If you wanted to take it to the next level, by all means, cook your chicken fresh, adding your own spices and flavorings to kick it up a notch. But on a lazy night, when you still want something delicious for dinner, this one is a winner.

Although I haven’t done it yet, these would be easy to customize – add beans, use beef or pork instead of chicken, use a salsa verde instead of the red salsa, etc.


Nutritional Info (not including garnishes) calculated with BigOven Recipe Software

Calories: 338
Fat: 15g, Sat Fat: 7g
Fiber: 2g
Sugars: 2g
Protein: 27g

Chicken Chimichangas on FoodistaChicken Chimichangas

Chicken Portobello Fajitas

Fajitas are a staple here in Texas. You can get them at almost any restaurant, you can buy them pre-marinated and ready to cook at the meat section, or frozen and ready to heat up from the freezer section. But why?

They are so easy to make from scratch and when you do, you can customize them to your liking. Beef or chicken? Peppers or no peppers? Onions? Mushrooms? The options are endless.

Whenever I prepare fajitas, I double the batch so I can freeze some for those days when I’m too busy (or too lazy) to really cook. We all love fajitas at my house, even The World’s Pickiest Eater (that would be my boyfriend’s son). And it’s one of my boyfriend’s very favorite meals. AND they are pretty healthy and low calorie (if you keep the sour cream and guacamole to a minimum), so I make them fairly often.

This time, I added some sliced portobello mushrooms to the mix to extend the amount and to give a new twist to our old standard. The great thing about portobellos is that they are so meaty all by themselves. Marinate them and grill them and they bring a delicious, earthy note to the party.



Nutritional Info calculated with BigOven Recipe Software

Calories: 423
Fat: 15g, Sat Fat: 2g
Fiber: 4g
Sugars: 4g
Protein: 29g

Chicken Fajitas on FoodistaChicken Fajitas
Portobello Mushrooms on FoodistaPortobello Mushrooms